Dec 3 2018, Monday

I recently obtained a real actual server computer from a useful friend who handles some company liquidation business. They had a few old servers and such for free, and we, the developers at Vibration Research, were invited to peruse the collection and see what we could make use of. After looking around, I found a server that appeared to have SATA hard drive slots, USB 3's on the front side, and a decent about of ram with Xeon core processors. It turned out to be a PowerEdge R630 server, with specs I was more than satisfied with for a free computer. It is superior in server hardware capabilities to the laptop I'm currently using, so it looks like I once again get to setup a server. This time, I think I will venture to learn about Container Linux and related infrastructure (at least as much as is useful for a single machine), and run a server The Right Way™, with containers being the main unit of my services. I'm looking forward to it, but I anticipate that much like the JavaScript ecosystem, information will be staggering and diverse, and I will have to do work to carve out a useful subset of information. It is easy enough, I imagine, to deploy to cloud service providers, but having my own machine means I am self-sustainable, at will have a better understanding of the infrastructure I'm running on. I anticipate challenges, but I think it's worth it. As my server setup is now in flux, I am typing this entry in a .txt file for later posting. I have begun my research and discovered Container Linux, and am investigating the best option to run it.

Dec 6 2018, Thursday

I'm almost finished with the ability to add a child to a family tree. After the next step, the ability to add a spouse, I think I'll be able to move on to other projects.

Dec 7 2018, Friday

Tonight, I was able to add a child with the correct parents, but I still have issues with the right data showing up in the client side after the creation is sent to the server. The new child is visible on a full refresh, but I'm not able to see him or her right away. I think I need to better understand Apollo Client's cache mechanism, which isn't easier when the development tools for Apollo Client don't seem to be showing the cache page. I hope they fix it soon!

Dec 13 2018, Thursday

Tonight, for a demo to a friend on Saturday, I thought it was time I got my main server up and running, using CoreOS, a Linux distribution expressly meant for running containers. I had done my research, and was about to install it using the method for bare metal installation, when Comcast's internet went down. Shoot. Until tomorrow night then...

Dec 15 2018, Saturday

Everything is up and running! Formatting and installing went smoothly enough, and after I transferred the data from my old server to this new one, all I had to do was to run my Docker scripts. It felt much like starting a large engine up, running the containers one after the other, watching them download several parts, and start up, The best part of course was after configuring our home's router to point to the new server instead of the old one, and I tested and, and saw them work flawlessly the same on the new as they did on the old. I'm currently typing this post on the new server. I still have yet to run backups, but I think I have a good base to do future development off of, and hardware best meant for long-term running of all my sites, with more coming soon (OwnCloud possibly?).