This month, most of my energy will be expended towards work as we progress to an end-of-month deadline. I will still have time for personal projects and recreation all the same though!

2018 June 4, Monday

Borg Backups working! See another actual blog post here

2018 June 6, Wednesday

Some work on my Genealogy web app, mostly involving more conversions to Material UI. My current process is to take the proof-of-concept user interface and make it more mobile friendly and more intuitively usable. It's still a work in progress, but very definitely "in progress".

2018 June 14, Thursday

Bit of a break, but I've returned to working on a regesign of a church website, which uses React Static. The site is nearly done, but I still have to work on making the layout look presentable and behave well on mobile.

2018 June 25, Monday

Work deadlines once more make me seek out non-computer related evening activities, but tonight, I am moving in on electron once more. I want to have all the goodies that Electron React Boilerplate has, but I won't take any code that I don't understand for my main app source code. I will start from scratch, from an empty package.json file, perhaps starting with something along the lines of Electron Webpack quick start, to see if I can get a good development environment set up before starting to play with Redux, Pixi.js, and other goodies. I will start by learning Yarn.