After getting my new house squared away, it seems only responsible to continue to document miscellaneous projects and experiments I'm working on.

Dec 21 2019, Sat

Today, I had a pretty fun time studying parsing of programming languages. The Wiki Book "Introduction to Programming Languages/Logic Grammars" had some pretty good material in its first section. I hope to eventually write some automatic cross-language interface generator tools, so now my mission is to scope out the ecosystem to learn jargon, figure out the best tools people are using, and analyzing options and trade-offs. It's fun material to learn, peaking under the hood of compilers to see what actually is used to turn text into working functional programs.

Dec 30 2019, Mon

At work, I ran into a case where WPF was rendering a table full of data in a time that I thought was atypically slow. I was curious to see how React would handle a similar use-case, and I wanted to put the two frameworks to the test with a toy program. After making sure I got the use case and the layout aspect for the tables understood, I started from create-react-app and built something that, as far as I can tell, knocks the WPF pane's socks off! There's always the possibility that I'm missing some essential reason why it has to be slow, so I look forward to showing this at work tomorrow.