With January comes my acceptance of a new job at Amway, and I can hardly wait to take a pure clean stride in my growth along the direction I believe lies cleaner, more maintainable, and more powerful systems. I have enjoyed my time at Vibration Research, for the most part, and will miss many of my experiences there. Ultimately, this seems like the right thing to do, so I will press onward to the best of my ability.

Jan 11 2019, Saturday: TypeScript LSP

I make the call almost two years ago to use Facebook Flow when adding types to JavaScript, but now, having seen the ecosystem and re-evaluating, though Flow still wins in some points like ease of setup and React usage, I think I have to declare TypeScript as the winner. It's all well that I should, as I will be using TypeScript a lot more in the next two years. Seeing that, I wanted to find a Language Server for TypeScript so that I could use it in my NeoVim setup (I currently use Rust-based LanguageClient-neovim as my language client). Eventually, after stumbling around for a while, I eventually found TypeFox's TypeScript Language Server, which wraps tsserver, the same tool VSCode uses. After testing find references and goto definition, capabilities seem about the same. For now, I am happy with what I found, and look forward to growing used to the quirks of TypeScript, and I am more than happy that they strive to keep the semantics the same as JavaScript, the most popular Lisp incarnation to date! (only semi-sarcastically)